The upcoming fifth “Paranormal Activity” will be helmed by Gregory Plotkin as cited by Previously serving as the editor and co-producer of the last three installments, this will officially mark his directorial debut in “Paranormal Activity 5”.


“Paranormal Activity 4″ grossed $140 million worldwide.

Jason Pagan and Andrew Deutschman have been tasked to pen the script. The duo is perfect for the next chilling installment of the “Paranormal Activity” franchise; they recently wrapped up a script for the Michael Bay-produced “Almanac” with Andrew Stark. The sci-fi thriller is presented in the famous found footage style associated with the “Paranormal Activity” franchise.


Screen Capture: Paranormal Activity 4

“Paranormal Activity 5″ is expected to hit theatres on October 25, 2014. The fifth installment will be preceded with the Latin-themed spin-off titled “The Marked Ones” on January 3. Christopher Landon, who wrote the last three will be serving behind the lens for the last time, bowing out with “The Marked Ones”. He will be leaving the horror franchise to direct a new Paramount scary film called “Boy Scouts vs. Zombies”.