The latest studio album from Rock masters Alter Bridge is out, and you are in for a massive surprise! They guys didn’t hold back and gave us their heaviest and most intense album yet! Fortress is their fourth studio album, and we’ve been looking forward to its release for quite some time now.

If you are in any way familiar with Alter Bridge then you would know that they are probably the most talented guys you’ll ever find  in a band.  An indication of their skill and talent has always been that Alter Bridge never rushes into the chorus or blast the guitar solo 10 seconds into a song. No, the guys take their time and produce perfectly timed, brilliantly produced and well written music. They don’t have to impress anybody, and it is from this position where they do what they love anyway they want to. Take note rest of the world!


alter-bridge-new-album-fortressWe said this is their heaviest album to date, and we’re not joking. From the start with “Cry of Achilles” you get heavy drums, fast guitars, and vocals that lift it all and reach towards the heavens. The album’s lead single, “Addicted to Pain” (video below) is also another highlight into the album. It’s screams energy and speed. Myles’ vocals are probably the best that they’ve ever been, even by Blackbird standards.

“Farther Than the Sun” is probably one of the heaviest tracks on the album, bringing out fast guitar riffs and a very dark tone to both the sound and lyrics, think a “Rise Today” type song , but a bit more aggressive. “All Ends Well” is one of the only slower songs, “the ballad” if you will. This will be a big hit live, where all the lighters come out. Radio is written all over this one. “Lover” and “Waters Rising” carries a smoother melody and beautiful vocals throughout. The final track, “Fortress” is the most epic track in the album, clocking in at about seven-and-a-half minutes.

Mark Tremonti takes a turn at the vocals on “Water’s Rising” and it fits quite well, making it another stand-out track. He also brings out a wonderful voice and, like Myles, he gets the pitches just right and puts emotion into the song.

The whole album is literally over an hour-long and it’s better to savor it in two sittings rather than one. We will be listening to this over and over again.

Track Listing:

1. Cry Of Achilles
2. Addicted To Pain
3. Bleed It Dry
4. Lover
5. The Uninvited
6. Peace Is Broken
7. Calm The Fire
8. Waters Rising
9. Farther Than The Sun
10. Cry A River
11. All Ends Well
12. Fortress



Alter Bridge once again delivers a great rock album with ‘Fortress’, filled with detail, patience, speed and an intensity that has become a trademark for the band. Alter Bridge may have risked a lot with a much heavier album, but with high risk comes high reward, and with ‘Fortress’ it played out perfectly. The talent and skill of the guys shine brighter than ever with their ability to write heavy riffs, peaceful acoustic riffs and rocking mid tempo riffs. A variety that is delivered perfectly. ‘Fortress’ will not disappoint, and it is the album that catapults the band ahead into the next era where amazing live shows, radio hits, and heavy rock is the order of the day.