I managed to find the best prank ever orchestrated in bro history! Have you ever fantasized about having a house filled with an endless supply of  cold delicious beer? Well, the prank unfortunately did not include an entire house filled with beer, however they managed to provide a second best option by swapping the water-supply with Kegs. Imagine coming home from a hard day’s work and topping up a cold one straight from the tap….beer heaven!


Screen capture: ‘It looks like cold beer too,’ Russ says to his partner inspecting the dark fluid with a sniff

A group of New Zealand friends managed to pull of the prank of the year with one of them saying:

‘Bit of a prank on our brother Russ,’

‘Basically, idea is, we’re plumbing his whole house with beer. This guy’s going to get home, then it’s going to get awesome.’

Russ returned home to find his dreams have come true, at first he was hesitant and confused saying ‘What the hell?’  inspecting the dark fluid with a sniff. ‘It looks like cold beer too,’ he says to his partner. Thanks to a well rigged and fully functional security cam system, all was captured on camera and submitted on YouTube for us to enjoy!


Check out the videos:

Short version

Extended version