Some fans are extremely unhappy since the big announcement that Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson will be the pair to depict the student Anastasia Steele and the successful young entrepreneur Christian Grey in E. L. James’ “Fifty Shades of Grey” film adaptation. An online petition has been launched to drop both stars for the hotly anticipated film. Fans are urging for Matthew Bomer and Alexis Bledel who were previously named strong contenders for the coveted roles, 17,500 people have signed up at the time of this article.


Producer Dana Brunetti received a post in which he was called an “idiot” for the castings, he responded to the rantings saying:

“There is a lot that goes into casting that isn’t just looks. Talent, availability, their desire to do it, chemistry with other actor, etc,”

“So if your favorite wasn’t cast, then it is most likely due to something on that list. Keep that in mind while hating and keep perspective.”


Matthew Bomer and Alexis Bledel

The film directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson and produced by E. L. James, will be released on August 1, 2014.