Arena of War Mobile Game

Arena of War Mobile Game

Oh D&D How I’ve missed you! Dungeons &Dragons used to be a huge part of our lives here at GS, but let’s face it… getting time to actually get together with your mates and play is not always the easiest thing to do. The next best thing is to resort is to games that are D&D turn based, but sadly even those are rare and hard to come by these days. We are all still sitting with copies of Baldur’s Gate, Ice Wind Dale or Neverwinter Nights.

Luckily the wait seems to be over (almost)! The time has come to brush up on your Magic and Fighting skills! Developer DeNA Santiago has revealed the first teaser trailer for an upcoming mobile version of Dungeons & Dragons called Arena of War. Coming soon for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices, it’s the first Dungeons & Dragons game on mobile platforms, publisher Wizards of the Coast (of the Magic: The Gathering fame) said.

The game seems to be part of a much bigger campaign to consolidate all D&D environments and games (tabletop) into one, with an event called The sundering. Players will be able to take part in The Sundering in various ways, classic tabletop and now Arena of War being two examples. Here’s a intro to The Sundering:



Dungeons & Dragons Brand Director Nathan Stewart said that the game will provide a quick fix between bigger D&D experiences.

It’s got iconic D&D locations like the sewers beneath Baldur’s Gate and monsters like the Beholder and Gelatinous Cube.

But this is much more of a ‘battle action’ RPG. It provides short, fun experiences for phones and tablets that don’t get as super deep into the D&D mechanics.

Here’s the announcement trailer:


From the trailer the different classes that will be available to choose from are:

  • Elf Wizard
  • Dwarf Fighter
  • Elf Bard
  • Half-Orc Barbarian
  • Half-Elf Ranger
  • Human Cleric
  • Dragonborn Sorcerer
  • Tiefling Rogue

Seems like all the bases are covered, not sure where the Paladin will fall in though…

The game is slated to hit iOS and Android soon as a free-to-play download. You can pre-register here to get an exclusive Ultra Rare Power perk when the game is released.

To lear more about the game, check out the Facebook page and Twitter channel or point your browser over to the official website.

Arena of War - Character Profile Image

Arena of War – Character Profile Image