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Screen capture: The Joker would be proud

“Evil Dead” is the gore fest of the century! Chainsaws, knifes, nail guns and just about any nasty sharp object you can think of are tools of the devils wrongdoing. I usually decline invitations to the adventurous outdoors for the obvious reason that no one can hear you scream as something rips you limb from limb.

Fede Alvarez, who co-wrote the script, took a full swing at another take on Sam Raimi’s gruesome story. Needless to say all traces of cheesy humor have been removed to make way for a modern horror movie remake soaked in blood. The pain and torture is relentless, as you sit through 91 minutes of guts and an arrangement of mutilations.

Written by Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues, the story, like its predecessor, begins with five young people arriving at a secluded cabin in the woods (never a good thing). The remake has a similar premise however, instead of a fun weekend away, the new story pins our victims in an arranged intervention to assist Mia (Jane Levy of “Suburgatory”,) a drug addict trying to shake off the shackles going cold turkey. Events conspire to keep them stranded as all hell breaks loose.


Screen capture: The Necronomicon, or book of the dead

Cleverly done, the film kicks off with a prelude depicting a possessed girl burned to a crisp by her own father. The cabin set in the misty woods visited by Mia, David (Shiloh Fernandez), Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci), Olivia (Jessica Lucas) and Natalie (Elizabeth Blackmore) is filled with nasty smells and blood stained floors. They eventually discover something was burnt in the basement of the cabin where they found dead cats hanging upside down. The stage is set for the chaos to start!

Mia’s crazy “illusions” and insane behavior, can be written off as “junky hallucinations”, she is possessed!  Unknowingly Eric unleashed a demonic force, repeating chants from the Necronomicon, or book of the dead found in the basement, unharmed by the deadly fire. The first warning signs are the ancient text written on human skin with blood, wrapped in barbed wire and the obvious side notes warning future readers to steer away from the diabolic book. Thanks to characters like Eric we have the privilege of watching horror movies. Realizing that his actions is responsible for releasing the spawn from Satan, he anxiously tries to convince everyone they are in danger. Soon enough, Mia’s crazy behavior is accompanied with a deeper voice and violent attacks that suggest Eric’s story is not as farfetched as initially thought.

Director Alvarez doesn’t compromise from this point on, going all out as the horror film showcases unspeakable things terrifying enough to make your stomach turn. The overdoes of hardcore violent scenes are not for the faint-hearted. The surprising edge to the ultimate gore fest film is the subtle darts of black comedy, fun and never cheesy or too distracting.


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Sam Raimi’s new take on “Evil Dead” stands out from the original trilogy. The film pays enough homage to Raimi’s previous versions to satisfy fans and successfully reintroduce the franchise. Raimi’s new movie presents the best case for remaking old horror films, considering the tricky fan base responsible for the cult following. Younger horror fans who never knew there was an earlier “Evil Dead” will have an opportunity now to experience the works of the talented Sam Raimi.

“Evil Dead” is in overdrive, making all efforts to push the hard “R“rating to satisfy fans. The tone is serious and the story straightforward, never falling into cheesy pitfalls often plagued by the originals. One might argue the gratuitous violence is over the top and serves the purpose to gross you out; then again, that is its purpose. It was a chilling experience to hear the moviegoers react to some of the scenes. At one point in the film Eric is slowly walking towards the bathroom to check-up on his girlfriend. Unable to see her behind the shower curtain, he is drawn by the sound of something that can only be described as a blunt blade, labouring through something!

Producers Raimi and Campbell have successfully reintroduced the franchise with a chilling blood bath horror film, guaranteed to keep you in the seats if you are in to this sort of thing. They could have played a bit more with the environment which had many hidden gems to draw in the audience for an additional scare or two. The tone of the film is gore and soon it’s the expectation. There is however enough scares to pack an additional pair of clean shorts just in case. Horror fans should make the time to go and see one of the goriest films in years.


BTW: Stick around till the credits are done, I missed this. Your feedback will be appreciated if you have the guts to watch “Evil Dead.”

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