Daft Punk failed to make an appearance on the Stephen Colbert show “The Colbert Report”. The group chose to make their first TV appearance since the release of their “Random Access Memories” album at the MTV Video Music Awards instead.


Daft Punk

Colbert obviously ticked off by the way things turned out, improvised and brought out actor and “Punk’d” creator Ashton Kutcher. He asked Kutcher if he’d been “punk-ed,” to which the “Two and Half Men” star simply replied, “No, you got f*ck-ed.”

Colbert then unleashed an all-star line-up of guests to join him in a “Get Lucky” dance party to offset the supposed performance of the no-show duo. From running into “House M.D.” star Hugh Laurie, to trading moves with veteran actor Jeff Bridges on the stairs, then crashing Jimmy Fallon’s late-night talk show set and a Charlie Rose interview with Bryan Cranston, and finally walking into Matt Damon inside the “Matt Damon booth”, the Colbchella host danced non-stop.


“The Colbert Report” is a Daily Show spin-off which parodies the conventions of television news broadcasting

The madness played off before a group of supposed network executives who walked out of his show to which Colbert remarked to his audience, “We’ll be right back, I hope,” to complete his stunt. It is unclear if Colbert will get into trouble for blasting Daft Punk on his show and for ruining their VMA “surprise” appearance, which airs on Comedy Central (sister network of MTV).

Sorry Colbert, you have been “Daft Punk’d!”

Watch the funny viral clip: