We love Wall-E! The adorable loner robot from the Movie “Wall-E” lives on a farm in Bakersfield California. For real!  A team of geniuses led by Michael McMaster has built a real-life, RC Wall-E accurate to the most painstaking details.

McMasterspent the last five years recreating Wall-E. The resulting bot in the video above has been made entirely from scratch. From a design perspective, there is no real-life source material for Wall-E. While George Lucas and company created several actual R2D2s for the Star Wars films, Wall-E has always been entirely animated. It turns out that throughout the film, Wall-E’s proportions and design don’t remain entirely consistent.

All that hard work would’ve been nothing without all the labor McMaster and friends put into making that rusty finish look so beautifully rundown. I mean, just look into that robot’s eyes and tell me you’re not seeing a little bit of yourself rattling around with the motors in there, too.


Real Wall-E Robot Built From Scratch :