BlackBerry Messenger App on iOS & Android too little too late:

The long-rumoured BlackBerry Messenger app is finally launching on iOS and Android soon. Beta versions are currently being released to developers. The beta app requires an iOS 6 or Android Ice Cream Sandwich device. BBM for iOS and Android is slated for worldwide release later this summer.

This is a great move by RIM, but way too late. They held on too long on their exclusive BBM chat that was insanely popular among all customers. Trying to keep your customers using your phone because of one feature only (BBM) may have worked for a year or so, but eventually most users will, and already have jumped ship to either Android or iOS. All this cross-platform app will do is cater for the hard-core Blackberry fans that haven’t moved to iOS or Android or Windows phones yet, or aren’t using another social chat app like Whatsapp yet.

MobileSyrup previously said the free cross-platform app will initially include basic messaging and group chatting features. Advanced capabilities such as voice, screen sharing and the BBM Channels will be added via future updates.

Will you be giving BBM on your iPhone a try once it goes public?