Queens of the Stone Age…Like Clockwork – Album Review

queens-of-the-stone-age-coverQueens of the Stone Age has been a formidable force in one of the most under-represented music genres out there. The album is well received after a 6 year hiatus for the band led by the songwriter, singer and guitarist Josh Homme. The new album also marks the first official comeback of Homme’s since his heart stopped during knee surgery in 2010. The serious situation required doctors to use a defibrillator during leg surgery to restart his heart and this resulting in a very long and painful recovery.

Homme faced troubled times as life presented what seemed, unbearable challenges for a talented musician. We will forever be measured by how quickly we stand up after we fall, as life continues without notice or a whimper. ‘…Like Clockwork’ often stairs in to the darkness in search of the light one will often seek after a near death experience. The new album takes an edgy look at “live after death” with dark undertones and thought provoking intent. Queens still maintain the broad shouldered swagger and simplicity they are well known for however this album marks the band’s most musically diverse effort yet.


Queens of the Stone Age


Josh Homme

Queens lost their drummer after 10 years with the group and made way for Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters front man and adjunct member of the band) to step in and help to finish the record. The exciting addition of Grohl is not the only trick in the bag; they were assisted by an all-star cast that included: Elton John, Trent Reznor, Mark Lanegan, Brody Dalle, Scissor Sisters singer Jake Shears and Nick Oliveri.
“I Sat By The Ocean” and “If I Had a Tail” spikes the air with 70’s groove nostalgia. “My god is the Sun” and “Smooth Sailing” brings back the familiar killer riffs and Queens funk. The closing piano ballad shares a thought as it peeks over the shoulder of life saying, “it’s all downhill from here”.
“The Vampyre of Time and Memory” is controlled and methodical with an emotional edge.

Highlight tracks: “I Sat By The Ocean,” “If I Had a Tail,” “My god is the Sun,” “Smooth Sailing,” “Keep Your Eyes Peeled” and “I Appear Missing”.


The meticulously assembled ‘…Like Clockwork’ is deep, ambitious and smooth. Considering the life changing events Homme has faced, the irony of the album’s name is most fitting. ‘…Like Clockwork’ is calculated and more refined than its predecessors. This is a rare occasion for Queens fans as we get to see Homme as vulnerable as he will ever be. There is however more than enough songs to remind you that Queens, is still the Kings of Rock. The song arrangements do not carry the same theme at times which dilutes the overall feel of the album, however Homme has outdone himself.  For those of you who waited in anticipation for the new album, you will not be disappointed with ‘…Like Clockwork’.


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Track list:

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No. Title Length
1 Keep Your Eyes Peeled 05:04
2 I Sat by the Ocean 03:55
3 The Vampyre of Time and Memory 03:34
4 If I Had a Tail 04:55
5 My God Is the Sun 03:55
6 Kalopsia 04:38
7 Fairweather Friends 03:43
8 Smooth Sailing 04:51
9 I Appear Missing 06:01
10 …Like Clockwork 05:24