Here’s our Man of Steel – Movie Review

As a massive fan of Superman, the new Zack Snyder movie Man of Steel was one of our most anticipated films of 2013. Thanks to solid trailers and an amazing cast, our expectations were extremely high.  This is always a dangerous place to be at, too often have our expectations come crashing down after watching a movie that just didn’t cut it.  But, as for Man of Steel, we can honestly say that it is the best Superman movie to date, and ignoring the few niggles that bothered us, we felt the movie lived up to it’s expectations.

Man of Steel have been bringing in the dollars after a pretty impressive opening domestic weekend in the States. Currently it sits on a Domestic total of $281 million a Foreign total of $338 million which adds up to $619 million Worldwide.

In Man of Steel, Christoper Nolan (who produced here)  largely takes the “Let’s try that again from scratch” approach similar to Batman Begins. Where 2006’s Superman Returns strained to summon up the spirit of Richard Donner’s Superman and its first sequel, Man Of Steel seems eager to erase the past

From the opening scene the action sequences do not stop, and just when you think it is over it goes on for 15 more minutes, then another skirmish starts, and that is before things get crazy in Metropolis. The last third of the movie is so insane you have to wonder if anything will be left standing in Metropolis.

David Goyer and Christopher Nolan have created an origin story so good that we felt we were discovering Superman again for the first time. They’ve taken the weakest story elements of Superman’s origin and either removed them or turned them into new strengths. The detail added was also very impressive, from custom family crests for the people of Krypton,  to hidden Easter eggs that may lead us into the next DC comics movie (Possible Wonder Woman??)

The casting was done brilliantly, Henry Cavil really IS Superman. We loved how he initially struggles to face-off against the soldiers of Zod, understandably seeing as he never really used his powers to their maximum extend. As for Lois, we can finally say that we have a Lois that does not irritate the “beejesus” our of us.


The movie does jump around a lot, and the viewer is constantly taken back to scenes that happened in the past, then back again into the present. We felt this broke the continuity of the film, and if anything made it feel “compressed” to show us as much as possible while compromising on a solid emotionally linear story. One moment your back on Krypton, the next Clark is a kid, the next moment he’s speaking to Zod, then Jor-El is back and his explaining the entire plot to Clark.

We get one of the greatest superhero showdowns to date, Superman vs Zod, mano-a-mano. We are spoiled with a fight-scene that could have gone on forever, leaving only destruction and chaos in it’s path making New York City in The Avengers look like a minor earthquake.

On how the movie ended, spoilers ahead… be warned! Seriously! Skip the below paragraph if you have not seen this movie!


Superman just killed the last remnant of his race, and hates himself for it. Henry Cavill’s reaction made that scene much more powerful. Plus, for people complaining that Superman is so perfect, he had to make a very real choice between the lives of civilians or the last of his kind. Superman chose Earth.





Man of Steel is, by pretty much any measure, a better film than Bryan Singer’s 2006 reboot, Superman Returns: better cast, better action, better script. For fans this will be the eye-candy of the year with enough action sequences that will make you want to go see it gain. Apart from compressing too much into one film, Man of Steel is the blockbuster of the summer and a must see movie!


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