Dallas Green is better known for his work as the former vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter for the post-hardcore band Alexisonfire. Green has spread his wings since, he debuted his first full-length album in 2005, titled “Sometimes”, which hit Platinum status by 2006. Many still consider “Sometimes” as the flagship album boasting with many melodic gems.

City and Colour is in many ways an acquired taste, Green provides many twists and turns that speaks to the human condition and our journey through this so called life. He has the unique ability to write with meaning and depth that captures listeners in moments of nostalgia and sometimes sadness.

“Sometimes” captured the raw emotion and small nuances that allow City and Colour to stand out from the folk-inspired pop-rock acts out there. “The Hurry and The Harm” is no different lyrically; however Green has stepped out bravely by pushing his artistic limits. “The Hurry and The Harm” is his most cohesive record to date. Green proves once again he is one of the most talented artists in this genre who has clearly matured as an artist since he first started flying solo. He certainly has a way with melody and fans of City have reason to swing by the record store to purchase his latest album.

We have grown quiet use to the guitar solos and synthesizers accompanied with his bare-bone, acoustic guitar-driven style from his previous albums. Most of the familiarities have been played down to make way for “The Hurry and The Harm”. Green features a full band arrangement with backing bass and drums, some songs still include the familiar keyboards and synthesizers however the arrangements are purposefully different. This is something Green started experimenting with on his last album, 2011’s Little Hell.


Dallas Green

The instrumental integration on “The Hurry and The Harm” really showcases the artists’ growth. The final product is carefully crafted which shows his efforts to produce something which is extraordinary. City and Colour’s previous albums have always carried the distinct fingerprint, identifiable by Green’s effortless vocal delivery and guitar solos. The new album is boldly making a statement, introducing a side to City and Colour that will catapult them in to the widespread recognition mainstream.

“Thirst “ features an electric guitar which boasts a distorted buzz-saw riff that sets itself apart from any song City has ever produced. “Harder Than Stone” and “Of Space and Time” is incredible, featuring alt-country slide guitars that sets the dreamy ambiance accompanied with pedal steel accents that appears constantly throughout the record. Most songs on the album feature extremely catchy choruses delivered by Green’s crystal clear voice with excellent hooks. The radio-ready “Paradise” and “The Lonely Life” is most fitting as examples, including the aforementioned “Harder Than Stone,” “Thirst “and “Of Space and Time”. The dark “Two Coins” is thrilling with mood setting violins and a short killer guitar solo near the end of the song.


Dallas Green

There are some dull moments in the album which leaves much to be desired. “The Golden State,” and “Death’s Song” is not necessarily bad songs however they are plagued by disappointingly repetitious notes and simple lyrics.

Highlight tracks: “The Hurry and The Harm,” “Harder Than Stone,” “Thirst ,“ “The Lonely Life,” “Paradise,” and “Two Coins”


Green produced a weighty, serious album which addresses the human desire to push our own limits and continue the seemingly never-ending road to find what is better out there. “Paradise” and “Of Space And Time” speaks to this specifically. City and Colour is affected with melancholy at times that can only be described as bittersweet. “The Hurry and the Harm” is layered and smooth with elements that make you feel and think about things. May it be an unfinished journey or the excitement of embarking on one to find your roots, “The Hurry..” should be on your Mp3 player to accompany you on your way!



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Track list:

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No. Title Length
1 The Hurry and the Harm 04:23
2 Harder Than Stone 04:26
3 Of Space and Time 03:33
4 The Lonely Life 04:34
5 Paradise 03:38
6 Commentators 03:35
7 Thirst 03:26
8 Two Coins 05:32
9 Take Care 03:38
10 Ladies and Gentlemen 04:05
11 The Golden State 05:18
12 Death’s Song 04:43