Get your Geek on with these stylish, fresh and elegant Gadgets.  Here’s our Geek Gadgets of the Week:


Ninja Wraps


This sneaky Ninja easily subdues your excess cord so you can avoid the headache of tangled earphone cords. Provides a place to wrap earphone cords. Prevents cords from tangling. Made of the environment-friendly silicone material, recyclable, non-polluting and earth-friendly. Because of the dirt-resistant treatment applied to the surface, it can be cleaned easily with water. [Source]

Size: 45 x 54 x 13 mm

Net Weight: 11 g



Mass Effect Shepard Bishoujo Statue


Kotobukiya’s line of bishoujo statues continues with this sculpt of the female Commander Shepard, illustrated by Shunya Yamashita and sculpted by Masahiro Takahashi. Shepard stands at the ready, wielding her Omni-Blade in one hand and N7 Eagle Pistol in the other. The incredibly detailed sculpt shows off every seam of her uniform in perfect detail. Shepard stands 9-inches tall on her display base and includes a code for multiplayer bonus items for Xbox 360 and PC.

Product Specifications

  • Bishie version of FemShep from Kotobukiya
  • Includes code for multiplayer bonus items (Xbox 360 & PC only)
  • Intricate sculpt shows off every seam of her uniform
  • Wields an Omni-Blade in one arm
  • Can interchange her Biotic hand with her N7 Eagle Pistol
  • Officially licensed Mass Effect 3 collectible
  • Illustrated by: Shunya Yamashita
  • Sculpted by: Masahiro Takahashi
  • Dimensions: 9″ tall (1/7 scale), on a special display base


Hobbit Letter Openers












Sting strikes fear into the hearts of many an orc. What was just a simple side blade to an elf is a perfect sword for a Hobbit, and Sting served Bilbo Baggins well on his many adventures. A constant character is the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit, Sting was passed from Bilbo to Frodo and later to Sam, and used to fight off everything from goblins and orcs to cranky old Gollum. It will surely glow blue in the presence of evil bills. (Our Legal Department requires us to tell you that the last sentence is not true.)

Prefer something a bit more badass? Why not a letter opener that looks like Orcrist, the Goblin Cleaver used by Thorin Oakenshield? It’s guaranteed to cleave any envelope in twain. Both letter openers are authentic reproductions of the original props and will be your constant companions as you fight off the onslaught of junk mail and bills. Tear that mail open with the flick of a wrist. Letters don’t stand a chance.

Product Specifications

  • Tear open bills with Sting or Orcrist
  • Authentic Miniature Reproduction of Sting or Orcrist
  • Officially licensed Hobbit collectible
  • Dimensions: 7″ long
  • Packaged in a wooden collector’s box: 10″ x 3.5″




Game of Thrones The North Remembers Poster



What kinds of things does the North remember? Lots. Unfortunately, we can’t list them off here because we don’t want to spoil anyone who hasn’t caught up on their reading. The Starks and their bannermen always remember that Winter is Coming. Whether it’s preparing for years of ice and cold or preparing to be betrayed by people you trusted, bloody times are always ahead.

This poster features a bloodied dire wolf head on a gray background with the text “The North Remembers.”

Product Specifications

  • Bloodied dire wolf head on a gray background
  • For fans of House Stark and Game of Thrones
  • Dimensions: 24″ x 36″