If you are struggling to keep up with all the Apple news that happened the last few days at the D11 conference, than struggle no more. We’ve crunched everything Tim Cook confirmed and mentioned in his AllThingsD interview right here. Quick and easy to read. The entire interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook is online. It’s an hour an a half in total:


Apple D11 conference roundup:


1. Apple on Wednesday announced some of the acts slated to perform at the annual iTunes Festival in London, with Justin Timberlake, Thirty Seconds to Mars and Jack Johnson headlining the concert series scheduled for September.



2. Fuseproject’s Yves Behar announced “August”,  a new iPhone controlled Bluetooth-connected smart lock that lets owners use a smartphone as a wireless key.



3. Apple recently picked up at least 12 former AMD graphics specialists for its “Orlando GPU team,” suggesting research and development into custom SoCs is being accelerated.


4. Tim Cook explained why Apple doesn’t release a host of iPhones with varying features like other major handset makers, saying that the tradeoffs in making multiple devices would outweigh the positives of making one solid device. “Are we now at a point to serve enough people that we need to do that?” – Apple CEO Tim Cook on multiple iPhone models.


5. Third-party developers would slowly gain access to iOS application programming interfaces (APIs) in the future, allowing for apps to integrate with higher functions of the iPhone and iPad.


6. Apple has quietly made nine acquisitions since the start of the year, a rate outstripping 2012’s pace of one company every 70 days. In January, Apple was rumored to have set its sights on Waze, the crowd-sourced navigation app reportedly being courted by Facebook and Google. Cook, however, said Apple made no such bid for the service.


7. Here’s the great news, we can expect a brand new iOs 7 at this years WWDC. Tim Cook noted that the company’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design Jonathan Ive was key in creating the next generation operating system set to be unveiled at WWDC in June.


8. Tim Cook unsurprisingly declined to reveal any details about his company’s future products at D11 on Tuesday, but he did offer some general comments on the emerging wearable device market. There’s lots of weight behind the rumor that Apple will launch the iWatch at this years WWDC.


9. Apple sold over 13 million Apple TVs to date, nearly half of which were sold last year alone.