What do you do when you have the time, and the money, and the latest LEGO Lord of the rings set featuring Helms Deep does not meet your satisfaction? You build your own one! This EPIC set of the battle of Helm’s Deep took four months, 150,000 bricks and 1,700 minifigs to build. It’s about 90% finished and weighs around 160 lbs.

Builders Builders Rich-K and Big J. This set will feature at the Cincinnati Comic Con Expo, September 13th-15th.

Epic Lord of the Rings Helms Deep LEGO set:

Helms Deep LEGO 4 Helms Deep LEGO 3 Helms Deep LEGO 2

Helms Deep LEGO 5 Helms Deep LEGOHelms Deep LEGO 8 Helms Deep LEGO 7 Helms Deep LEGO 6


This makes us want to watch the entire Lord of the Rings Helm’s Deep scene again in the movie. If Tolkien himself was still alive to see this he would have wept with joy!