Once upon a time…

There’s been a few reboots and different versions of the fairy tales.  From Cinderella’s to Robin Hood’s, to Prince Charming. Some of them worked, and some of them a complete failure. Hollywood can’t seem to stop pumping them out, feeding the masses. We know there will be a Snow White and the Huntsman sequel. Things have been quiet on the Robin Hood front, as well as Cinderella.

Here’s our list of recent Fairytale Hits and Misses:


Drew Barrymore in Ever After
Hillary Duff in A Cinderella Story
Anne Hathaway in Ella Enchanted




Amy Adams, Enchanted
Cameron Diaz, Shrek
Mandy Moore, Tangled




Chris Hemsworth in Snow White and the Huntsman
Shiloh Fernandez in Red Riding Hood (2011)
Henry Cavill in Red Riding Hood (2006)




Morgan Thompson in Red Riding Hood (2006)
Amanda Seyfried in Red Riding Hood (2011)




Kristin Stewart in Snow White & The Huntsmen
Lily Collins in Mirror, Mirror
Ginnifer Goodwin in Once Upon a Time




Kevin Costner in Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves
Russell Crowe in Robin Hood
Jonas Armstrong in BBC’s Robin Hood





Chad Michael Murray in A Cinderella Story
Rupert Everett in Shrek 2
Josh Dallas in Once Upon a Time
Armie Hammer in Mirror, Mirror