Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique

Few people will remember that Oscar Winner Jennifer Lawrence also played the vengeful Mystique in X-Men a few years back. With her success in The Hunger Games, especially Silver Linings Playbook, her role as the evil Raven Darkhölme has been on the back burner as of late.

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Personally we prefer Super model Rebeca Romijn as Mystique, but Jennifer Lawrence has not been a complete fail at least:

Rebeca Romijn as Mystique


Here’s the set photo, Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique:



Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique


That’s make-up well done. We identified Mystique as one of our Top “Actors behind the Masks“. Here’s another look of what we expect from Mystique in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Not that we mind the completely naked woman on screen. But here’s the comic version of Mystique:



Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique


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