The guys are back with another hilarious video. If you missed it we previously posted our Top Rated Lonely Island Videos and check out the track list for the new album available June 11.

This time they did a mashup with the popular Between Two Ferns skit with Zack Galifianakis. James Franco and Edward Norton make appearances in this video. If you are not familiar with Zack’s Between Two Ferns, then you are in for a treat, have a look at some of the classic videos he’s posted, we’ve listed them below.

The video titled Between Two Ferns/Spring Break Anthem is some of their best work yet. Since Wednesday, this video is already sitting on  2,7 Million views.

Lonely Island Is Back with Between Two Ferns “Spring Break Anthem” Mash up:

Here’s the legendary episode with Charlize Theron:

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