I dug up some news reports which really cough the attention of the online public. The clips are hilarious and all the stories had a positive ending luckily. Some of our more creative online community members added a remix to the interviews for additional entertainment value. Enjoy!


1. Bed intruder

“Terrifying moment for a woman who woke up to a strange man, in bed with her. The woman screamed, her brother rushed in to help to try to fight the offender off. That break-in happened early this morning in the 500 block of Webster Drive in Huntsville. WAFF Elizabeth Gentle caught up with the victim, emotions were running high.”


2. Apartment fire

“According to the apartment manager the fire started in a woman’s home who is wheel chair bound, she was treated for smoke inhalation at a local hospital, there were no other reports of injuries. The Red Cross is helping those families displaced by the fire.”

Additional news:

Sweet Brown is suing Apple, a radio program called The Bob Rivers Show, and a handful of other parties for unauthorized use of her likeness, according to court documents.
The basis of the lawsuit stems from a song called “I Got Bronchitis.” The Bob Rivers Show, according to Sweet Brown’s complaint, produced the song with samples from Wilkins’ interview with the local TV-news station. The song sampled phrases like, “Ain’t nobody got time for that,” “Ran for my life,” and “Oh, Lord Jesus it’s a fire.”
The suit claims that in April 2012, the defendants started selling the song on iTunes for profit. It also claims the radio program and its owner falsely advertised that Sweet Brown had given her consent for the radio station to use her voice and likeness in the song.


3. Cleveland hero Charles Ramsey – Rescue of Amanda Berry, Georgina DeJesus and Michelle Knight

Ramsey was one of the first to provide reporters with an eyewitness account of the rescue of Amanda Berry who, along with Georgina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, had been missing for a decade. Ramsey offered America a candid, self-effacing report that immediately caught the eye of thousands upon thousands of people all over the world. Like any good story, Ramsey peppered his tale with details (“I was eaten’ my McDonald’s”) and offered a humorous analysis of an otherwise unbelievable situation: “Bro, I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man’s arms. Something’s wrong here. Dead giveaway.”