Fall Out Boy – Save Rock And Roll – Album Review


As the comeback album is titled “Save Rock And Roll”, those of you who know the band would agree the name should not be taken literally and apply the required pinch of salt. With the release of the new album GeekShizzle is confident that the group will fare well in the mainstream pop landscape which they are so well known for. The fun and “feel good Friday night feeling” is well carried through, especially with tracks like “My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark”, in this fresh package of upbeat tones.

After a four-year hiatus the US emo ensemble has delivered a sold album that should sit well with the overall FOB fan clubs. There is however a strong sense of “renewal” in their approach. The collection of music is a progression from their previous work, making “Save Rock And Roll” the first to push their creative limits.

Highlight tracks: “My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark”, “Alone Together” and “Young Volcanoes”.



Save Rock and Roll presents itself in a well produced and tricked out package, consolidating all the key elements one would expect from this American emo mega band. “Save Rock and Roll” will not rock your world, however the long awaited album is a needed one to bring the Boys back from purgatory. GS anticipates the pop/punk group will not Fall Out with their fans, considering the anticipated new album took some time to reach us after the members were taking a rest and engaging in various side projects.

Many FOB groupies would have accepted a mixed type, produced in a garage as long as the Boys came back to town. Their 5th studio album is a bit too “clean” considering the top production value in comparison to the energy packed and more edgier sounding “Infinity on High” for example. This should however be seen as a minor drawback considering the overall experience is delightful.




As part of their comeback, Fall Out Boy Performed live on the Jimmy Kimmel live show.

Track list

1.”The Phoenix” 4:04
2.”My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)” 3:08
3.”Alone Together” 3:23
4.”Where Did the Party Go” 4:03
5.”Just One Yesterday” (featuring Foxes) 4:04
6.”The Mighty Fall” (featuring Big Sean) 3:32
7.”Miss Missing You” 3:30
8.”Death Valley” 3:46
9.”Young Volcanoes” 3:24
10.”Rat a Tat” (featuring Courtney Love) 4:02
11.”Save Rock and Roll” (featuring Elton John) 4:41