PS4 Dualshock

With the console wars between Sony and Microsoft tougher and harder than it ever was before, Sony is slowly but surely releasing more info on it’s next gen console, the Playstation 4 (PS4). We already know most of the specs, this was released by Sony back in February. Yesterday though they gave us this video demonstrating the new Dualshock controller.

I could not help but notice that this video has a distinct Apple feel to it. Have a look at all of Apple’s product videos, and you would believe that it is exactly the same, anyway… here’s the video:



Sony PlayStation 4 Dualshock Controller Features

With the light bar in the front of the controller, they can track the position of the controller, allowing it to pick up if controllers have swapped hands, or moved to another player. This will for example switch the split scree in dual player type of games.

The touch pad on the top front of the controller will allow actions such as multi-touch, and “flicking”. This brings back memories of those arcade game buttons that we used to abuse with a coin, faster faster faster!

Each controller also comes with a speaker, which adds to whole gaming experience.

The coolest feature I think they’ve added is the share button, which will allow you to record any part of any game at any time, and instantly share that across whichever sharing platforms Sony will allow. Facebook? Twitter? Youtube?

My only concern is… how long will the batteries last on this thing?

The PS4 proves to be a complete beast of a machine, including 8 GB GDDR5 of system RAM, a single-chip accelerated processing unit (APU), 8 AMD x86-64 bit Jaguar (CPU) cores and 18 next-generation AMD (GPU) Radeon-based compute units.