Whether or not Apple will release a cheaper iPhone this year is still a highly debatable topic. But with an image like this making it’s way onto the internet, you have to wonder…

New Cheap iPhone Image Leak:

Cheap iPhone Case Rumour

Tactus, which does develop cases for a living, leaked this image, and according to them:

The plastic shell is 0.4-0.6mm thick, which implies a device that’s both a little wider and a little taller than the iPhone 4/4S. It’s also rumored to come with a 5MP camera, a 3.5-inch retina display, an A5 chip, and color options of the black, white, blue, yellow, and blue variety.

Whether or not this is real, we will have to wait to find out. But, I think it does give a true indication of what a cheaper iPhone could look like.

What do you think?