We’ve been waiting for this album for quite some time now. Black Sabbath, arguably THE band that found Metal, is releasing their first album since 1995 called 13 in June this year.

Yesterday they released the first single called “God is dead?”. Now that’s one way to make a “come back” and get the attention you need… make a controversial statement in your first single released after 15 years!

The guys are old, but this does not seem to stop some of the most legendary rockers the world has seen, so why stop them? They are still alive, and kicking!

The song is slow, eerie, and you have the unmistakeably familiar riffs of Tony Iommi. The lyrics has a dark and evil theme which was without a doubt what made them so controversial back in the day. Half-way through the track it kicks into second gear, and you have classic Sabbbath!


“With God and Satan by my side will come light”