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Stone Sour House of Gold and Bones Part 2

Stone Sour New Album ‘House of Gold and Bone Part 2’ Review


The second installment of “House Of Gold & Bones” finds the band stretching their musical muscles a little bit more than on the first part. Josh Rand and Jim Root trade off on some great guitar work, while Corey Taylor provides piano on a few tracks in addition to vocal duties. Roy Mayorga handles drums as well as synthesizers and piano on several tracks. Rachel Bolan from Skid Row filled in on bass again on the album, so the first listen to the new bassist, Johny Chow, will be in live performances.

Remember this is the second part of the double concept album “House Of Gold & Bones“, which will be accompanied with a comic series. The comic series will have the release of the first issue by Dark Horse Comics in just a few short days on April 17th.

The first song “Red City” kicks off slow with Corey fading in with a  a vocal-only intro. The song builds up to an aggressive end, guitars and drums pulsating along. The Song “Black John”  is why we love Stone Sour, this song has everything. Pulsing drums, screaming guitars, and Corey’s voice ripping through it all. After “Peckinpah” you start to get into the rhythm of the album. My favorite song is “The Uncanny Valley”. “The Conflagration” gives you a slow powerful rock song, this will be a hit among the more easy radio friendly listeners. “The House Of Gold & Bones” is another awesome track, with an awesome guitar solo.




Stone Sour continually treads the boundary between rock and metal. Expect slow starts to the tracks on Part 2 with, clear and crisp intros with a dark atmosphere, which builds and end up with hard and fast head-banging guitar riffs, with melodic choruses and “Slipknot-Corey” (as we like to call him) screaming loud and clear. Stone Sour achieves this balance perfectly throughout the album.

I can definitely see myself listening to this album again. There’s something about Corey’s voice that makes me want to listen more. As you listen through the 12 tracks on the album you genuinely get more and more impressed by what the guys have put together. It is an awesome follow-up album to Part 1, and they can definitely view themselves as a common name in the rock/metal annals.

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