In the video, Carrey plays a country singer on the popular 1970s show “Hee Haw,” as well as former Oscar-winner and NRA president Charlton Heston, who shoots his own foot off at the end of the video. The “Ace Ventura” star, said his video was made to spotlight his “stand against large magazines and assault rifles.”

Jim Carrey attacked Fox News, claiming the network had slandered him in its coverage of his web video “Cold Dead Hand,” which was released on the comedy site Funny or Die. The six-minute video, in which Carrey mocked the late actor and his famous “cold dead hands” speech, got the comedian some on-air hate from Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld earlier in the week.

However, despite Carrey’s claims, a Fox News report on March 29 has stated that the actor will not be attempting to sue the news network. Carrey has said the network slandered him and that he would have sued Fox News “if I felt they were worth my time.”

Carrey has stated that he is against any guns that can hold large magazines and assault rifles.