Mark Zuckerberg has been denying a Facebook phone since forever, but rumors just won’t die down, and it seems with valid reason. Images leaked onto the web of what seems to be the Facebook phone. Since then it is no longer a secret, and it is official: Facebook will launch “Facebook Home”, a smartphone running a separate version of Facebook. In a nutshell:

It’s an Android HTC Smartphone with a Facebook App on Steroids.

The focus is not on the phone, but on the integration of Facebook in just about every aspect of your phone. Your photos, your contacts, your messages, everything will get integrated with Facebook. It changes the entire way you interface with your phone—you’ll access all of your non-Facebook apps by clicking on your own profile picture. As soon as you turn on your phone you’ll see your “Coverfeed”—a super-condensed version of your News Feed that takes up the entire display, and completely replaces both the lockscreen and homescreen.

Here’s a few images of Facebook Home, Facebook’s HTC Android Phone:




The question remains whether people will be open for this complete take-over of their phones.

Initial reviews look good, fast and battery friendly.

We’ll keep you posted when we get our hands  on one.