We can hardly believe that the release date is a mere 3 months away… It’s been a long wait for Relic to release the sequel to their award winning Company of Heroes. Come June 25, the wait is over for Company of Heroes 2!


Few Strategy games have  sued up more of my gaming time than Company of Heroes. I loved the first game, it as the same, yet so different to other strategy games. It was real, it felt competitive at all times, and the graphics was awesome. This time Relic seemed to have done it again, adding some amazing features to the second installment. But, before we go through it, have a look at the multiplyer game-play video:



Taking place during the same historical period, Company of Heroes 2 aims to present the unique battlefield conditions of the 1941 eastern front, the war in Russia! General Winter becomes an oppressive and important force. The interaction players will have with their environment will truly unique and special compared to other strategy games . Ex. A lake will be frozen in the winter, meaning you will be able to cross with tanks and soldiers, but just as vulnerable, one crack or mine can sink your entire platoon. Ex. Soldiers will also have to keep themselves warm in winter stationed out posts. Finding cover against these harsh conditions will be one of your main objectives.

I simply love this addition, it will make the game as real as it gets. Great generals and warmongers like Hitler and Napoleon have attacked and moved through Russia with the greatest forces this world has ever seen, only to cower back in shame after being broken, frozen and starved by the harsh conditions.


From what we’ve seen the initial game-play and generic way of doing battle may look the same, but where the difference comes in is in the refinement in all the finer details of what it means to really take an army into a snow covered frozen wasteland.


What we’ve always loved, is that in Company of Heroes, every unit matters. Ina a capable players hands, a mere unit of 10 soldiers can cause some serious destruction. While compared to other strategy games, its a race to the biggest strongest units, making your smaller units more insignificant.


In Company of Heroes 2, though, Relic’s putting in what it calls True Sight, a system where your soldier or vehicle sees only what they can actually see within that radius. If a line of trees and a house are ahead of your unit then your sight will have little avenues of darkened space where your soldiers view is obstructed. This completely changes how you use the battlefield to gain a tactical advantage.

If you want a better explanation of the features, have a look at this video:



Company of Heroes 2 3

Company of Heroes 2 4