Evil Dead 2013 – First Reviews


Metascore: 58/100 – User score 9.2/10


“What can I say about this other than it’s amazing? It’s everything you want in a horror film. It’s bloody, gory, and disgusting all in a good way. It never fails to keep a creepy time to it throughout the film. It all looks just so realistic too. There’s no CGI. Only practical effects which makes it 10 times better. I’ll probably see this movie 3 more times while it’s in theaters” – Coolguymcgill – User review


“It’s ultimately everything a modern horror movie should be.” – Kevin C. Johnson – stltoday.com  (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)


Tomatometer: 64% – Audience 82%


“Gory, terrifying and fatal scare to say the least. Evil Dead is revised from its original terror and is presented in a grand, violent fashion. With it’s original director and actor at the helm of productions (Raimi & Campbell) along with fresh faces in front of the camera (Jane Levy) and behind the camera (Fede Alvarez) the remake is one of those rare, once in a blue moon features, that will not only captivate new audiences but satisfy die-hard fans of the original. Less laughter and more blood makes Evil Dead 2013 a treat for those who love the franchise and those who love horror movies.” – Eugene Bernabe – Super Reviewer


“The very satisfying result is a lovingly crafted, chaotically loud noise-symphony conducted in honor of evisceration, agony, vomit and other gnarly delights.” – Dave White – Movies.com


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