Star Wars Pinball was officially release on February 26, 2013.  It is available in America on PlayStation Network and February 27 for Xbox Live Arcade, European PSN, Mac/Apple App Store, and Google Play.

Zen Studios is doing its part to bring alive one of the most favorite past times in the word ever by introducing a Star Wars Pinball game in a digital format.  Based on The Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett, and the Clone Wars animated series — blends satisfying pinball gameplay with distinctly video game-like elements, for a great pinball experience without all the spare change. Players will be rewarded with virtual characters acting out famous scenes like the Battle of Hoth or Luke and Darth Vader’s lightsaber duel In the Empire Strikes back table, if specific scores and conditions are met during game-play. 

The theme makes the game stand out from the crowd and the tables are on par with those in previous Zen Studio pinball games. Lightsabers, blaster fire, classic Star Wars sound effects and music, sarlacc pit……..this game is a must have!

The Empire Strikes Back takes place on a Star Destroyer, with lots of clean lines and lightsabers in place of some side rails, while Boba Fett’s table is rusty and gritty, with Jabba the Hutt slithering in the background. Meanwhile, the Clone Wars table is almost excessively bright and colorful, the table designed to attract players looking for more than just nostalgia.

All three tables look and feel distinct.

Empire Strikes Back Table

The Clone Wars Table

Boba Fett Table

Star Wars Pinball will be available on a large number of platforms:

  • Xbox 360 and
  • Windows 8, as well as Zen Pinball 2 on
  • PlayStation 3,
  • Vita
  • Mac App Store.
  • iOS and Android

More platforms will be announced in the future and there will be a total of ten Star Wars-themed tables in all.