Killswitch Engage Releases 2nd Single A New Awakening

Here’s the second single “A New Awakening” from the highly anticipated forthcoming album Disarm and Descent.

Personally we prefer the first single “In due time” more than this one, a little bit too much chanting, but make no mistake, you will find yourself playing this one again and again and again…

“It is with a grateful spirit that we prepare for this record’s release,”Leach said. “From the music, to the lyrics, to the artwork, we are all proud of what we have accomplished. To me, this is by far my best vocal performance, much thanks to Adam‘s guidance and faith in my abilities. I am very grateful to be where I am in life, back in an amazing band with a record we are all excited for the world to hear. Thanks to all the fans for their warm welcome back and their undying love for KILLSWITCH ENGAGE.”

“Disarm The Descent” track listing:

01. The Hell In Me
02. Beyond The Flames
03. The New Awakening
04. In Due Time
05. A Tribute To The Fallen
06. The Turning Point
07. All That We Have
08. You Don’t Bleed For Me
09. The Call
10. No End In Sight
11. Always
12. Time Will Not Remain

Here’s the first single “In due Time” they released: