Top Gear Africa Special, Season 19

Top-Gear-Africa-Special-4 Top-Gear-Africa-Special-3

Top Gear UK just keeps on rolling. The ‘Special’ they have every season has become a standard these days, and boy they do not disappoint. You will be treated to Clarkson, Hammond and May trekking through Africa looking for the source of the Nile. They all drive station wagons, and as expected they put their cars through the toughest conditions imaginable. The way this was shot and produced is a step ahead, and one of the things that make this series such a big hit. You get camera angles from just about everywhere, and you hardly even notice the camera crews that have to journey on with them. It is as if they are the only 3 cars doing this amazing adventure (apart from the scene where the entire crew uses Jeremy’s make-shift lavatory.)


It is typical of a ‘Special’. You are treated to the beauty of Africa with the landscapes, the sunsets and nature. Then you get the simply amazing tiffs between the 3 guys, taking the mickey out of one another and their cars. Here’s a few highlights that we thoroughly enjoyed:

Top-Gear-Africa-Special-2 Top-Gear-Africa-Special-1

Muddy affair: At one point they have to make their way through muddy roads that make the Dakar rally look like a breeze. They get stuck, unstuck, stuck, unstuck. Pure class.


Driving through the Serengeti: How they managed to get this approved is beyond me. They are literally driving like maniacs through the Serengeti Nature Reserve. Similar to the way they stuffed up Twickenham playing car rugby.


Flat tyre: At one point they drive a road of death with sharp rocks for what seems like an extremely long stretch. The cars and the drivers took some serious punishment here. One flat tyre after the other.


If you do get time to watch this then rest assured that you will be treated to one of the best specials ever! Here’s a few snippets of what you can expect: