The rumor mill has been doing the rounds this month, not only is apple planning an iPhablet, a bigger iPhone, but they also seem to be experimenting with a smart watch. I remember when the iPod fatty came out, people could actually buy wrist bands that made the iPod into a wrist ‘pod’. Imagine a smartphone that runs iOS, can load maps, browse, and even have Siri. Wow.. Insiders say that Apple’s playing around with curved glass which they believe seem to be something nobody else is currently doing.

Have a look at some of these concept images. My mouth is literally drooling…




Here is the apparent iPhablet. I’m not particularly a big fan of all the phones getting bigger and bigger. But, seeing as the Samsung phablet is doing so well, apparently the rest of the world loves the bigger phones. Incase you haven’t spotted it, the iPhone 5 is far left, the new iPablet


Do you think there’s any truth in these rumors? I guess we are going to have to wait and see…