The Walking dead is without a doubt the most successful Zombie TV-show to date. Already in its 8th season it’s only picking up speed with more viewing records being broken. As an avid zombie fan I really can’t complain as I get more than enough zombies being killed in just about every episode. An added bonus of course is that the cast are actually pretty hot. One fails to notice as they are constantly covered in filth, gore, blood and sweat but boy does The Walking Dead have some sexy talent.

This is our tribute to the Sexiest Walking Dead Babes:

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When she was first cast as part of another group in season three. Initially we thought that Sasha, played by Sonequa Martin-Green, would have a relatively brief life. But now, three seasons later, she’s still going strong.




2. Rosita

Christian Serratos, who plays Rosita, is one of the underrated beauties of The Walking Dead. However, Maxim and Playboy have both taken notice, both of which have named her the sexiest character on the show. Rosita is yet to be explored in great detail, but we’ve seen her in action and she certainly knows how to swing a machete.






3. Maggie

Maggie Greene, played by Lauren Cohan, is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. She deserves the number one spot for very obvious reasons. She first joined the cast of The Walking Dead in season two as a recurring character. She started off naive and stuck up, reluctant to trust the group and afraid of admitting the truth; however, since her wake up call in the season two finale (when a horde of walkers overran her family’s ranch), she has turned into quite the badass. Somehow, even when she’s stabbing zombies in the head and covered in blood and guts, she still manages to retain her sex appeal.







4. Lori

Sarah Wayne Callies’ Lori Grimes character didn’t start out on a good note with all of us. She played the most irritating role of the entire cast to date. Her loss might have been sad for some. A few. Maybe. but you have to admit she is a valid entry on this list even if she only lasted a few seasons.





5. Michonne

Michonne, played by Danai Gurira, is one of the most mysterious characters on The Walking Dead.. Remember the two pet zombies she used to have? One of them was her ex. She may have had good reason to hate them, after all, they were responsible for her son’s death. Using a samurai sword to slay her foes she probably decapitated the most zombies.