We mentioned before that Frank Miller is one of the seminal creative talents who sparked the current gigantic sub-industry of motion pictures featuring DC comic book- initiated products. The legend behind the “The Dark Knight” graphic novel series is back with his latest project to round-up his popular creative work by introducing “The Dark Knight III: The Master Race” as a follow-up to 1986’s “The Dark Knight Returns” and 2001’s “The Dark Knight Strikes Again”. Frank Miller’s graphic novel re-take on the classic comic book hero, Batman, resulted in an entertainment industry-wide reconsideration of the genre in the deeper and darker vision Miller brought to it. Director Christopher Nolan gave us a brand new perspective on comic book movies with his ground breaking take on the The Dark Knight Trilogy film series, featuring the caped crusader.

Frank Miller

Frank Miller

Helmed by Nolan and starring Christian Bale as Batman/Bruce Wayne, the trilogy earned far over $1 billion worldwide. The Dark Knight Trilogy has received near-universal acclaim from critics and audiences and is considered to be one of the best film trilogies of all time. How cool would it be if we could have one final movie based on Millers’ brand new graphic novel?! Let’s have a look at what’s been revealed so far: We are promised a conclusion to the epic saga with an eight issue run published twice a month starting this fall to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original series.

Miller said:

“Batman remains my favorite comic book hero and a sequel to ‘Dark Knight’ is going to be daunting,”

He also took to Twitter to tease us with a picture and the following caption:

“I hope that by now my silence is deafening,”

Frank Miller Will Complete His 'Dark Knight Returns' Trilogy Starting This Fall

Frank Miller Will Complete His ‘Dark Knight Returns’ Trilogy Starting This Fall

It’s his first tweet since 2011 so yeah, the big man means business! He will write the new series with long-time collaborator Brian Azzarello (“Joker” and “Wonder Woman”). Azzarello said:

 “It’s been an amazing experience collaborating with Frank these past six months. I think we have an epic story that these characters truly deserve,”

We will be marking our calendars and count the days till the release! Wow, to think it has already been 30 years since Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns was originally published.  Perhaps the timing of “The Dark Knight III: The Master Race” is meant to tie in with Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” debuting next year. Ben Affleck’s Batman is already meant to be an older and wearier caped crusader influenced by the similarly seasoned character in The Dark Knight Returns. Is it possible that Affleck will get a shot at playing Batman in his own standalone movie?