It’s a question as old as action figures: Who would win in a fight between Darth Vader and Batman? Sure, Bats has a utility belt full of high-tech gear, a keen mind that always seems to be three steps ahead of the competition, and a way with a light saber. But surely all that know-how proves insignificant next to the power of the Force? Right?!

Don’t expect that question to be answered in any kind of canonical movie form, given that Bruce Wayne and Anakin Skywalker hail from different galaxies and different eras, not to mention rival corporate owners. But big-time YouTube gaming channel Machinima Prime just offered the most satisfying answer yet in this special effects-filled fan film, above — the latest in its “Super Power Beat Down” series. Well done guys.

Here’s the setup. Batman is on the trail of a kidnapped Superman (we would have loved to see how Darth Vader managed to kidnap Superman) when he comes across what his Bat-plane informs him is a small moon. “That’s no moon,” he growls in his best Christian Bale voice, and we’re off to the races.