What’s better than Batman? What’s better than a rocking Metal tune? It’s Batman rocking that same Metal tune! Have a look at this great video of Batman rocking with his cape out in this most hilarious music video. The caped crusader teams up with Robin (drums), Red Hood (bass), and Nightwing (guitar) for a head-banging rendition of Face Fisted by DETHKLOK. The lyrics are extremely fitting for the situations that Batman often finds himself in and the animations are hilarious. Here’s a taste of the lyrics:

So strong my face is
You punch, break fingers
Kick me, you’re limping
Stab me, you’re bleeding
I am be angerous now
You throwing rock at me
Hit eye and it no hurt me
I’m strong, you’re not
You’re not

The video was made by ArhyBES, check out Batman does Metal below: