It is difficult to take anything serious Paris Hilton has to say for many obvious reasons. Recently the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton claims she’s one of the Top 5 highest paid DJ’s in the world. All things considered, the 32-year-old  famous blonde signed on with record label Cash Money earlier this year and plans to release an album in the near future. reported back in August that Hilton signed  a huge contract with one of the biggest clubs in Ibiza:

“Paris Hilton’s first major stint as an international club DJ was a huge success — in fact, the legendary nightclub where Paris spent the past couple of months has already signed P for 2014”


Paris Hilton signed on with record label Cash Money earlier this year

Some of us are preparing to go back to the grind and count pennies to try and justify an honest day’s work, while Hilton reportedly makes between $100,000 and $350,000 for each of her live DJ sets. Damn! She might just be one of the hottest DJ’s in the world right now?

This is a solid confirmation that I missed my calling. I am pretty sure anyone can become a DJ thanks to Hilton’s new found career. She recently landed gigs at the Amnesia nightclub entertaining massive crowds. Are people checking out the action based on curiosity or is Hilton taking the electronic music scene by storm?