We finally get a glimpse of the Wahlberg brothers taking on their family-owned restaurant located in their hometown of Hingham, Massachusetts. A&E has shared the first trailer for the upcoming reality series appropriately titled, “Wahlburgers”. Mark Wahlberg is teaming up with brothers Paul and Donnie Wahlberg to star in the reality show. They will assist older brother Paul (an executive chef) to make their family-owned restaurant a success.

Paul, Mark and Donnie Wahlburg

Paul, Mark and Donnie Wahlburg

Paul admits that :

“Being in business with my brothers was never the plan,”

Alma (mother) says about her boys:

“It used to be ‘Oh, God! Those Wahlberg kids.’ Today it’s ‘Whoa, it’s the Wahlbergs!'”

Mark proudly says about his older brother:

“Paul, he’s the chef. He’s the most talented one in the family,”

He adds.

“It always comes down to family and having each other’s back,”

We can expect appearances from their entourage of neighborhood pals, including the real-life “Johnny Drama”. Wahlburgers” is set to premiere January 22, 2014.


Check out the clip

Source: aetv.com