This week is Breast Cancer Awareness Week and GS are supporting the cause 100%.  Funny or Die launched a new product by the super sexy Rebecca Romijn, called the Hand Bra. Rebecca Romijn recently made our list of Top 15 Woman n Sci-Fi, so needless to say, her ‘Hand Bra’ is an instant hit. Our inner Geek would have loved to see her back as the blue naked Mystique in the next X-Men movie, but I guess Jennifer Lawrence is not a bad second choice.

In the video Rebecca Romijn is “wearing” her product while working, jogging and going out at night. It also features a testimonial from a thoroughly dissatisfied customer, which you simply have to see:

Rebecca Romijn launches the 'Hand Bra' for women

Rebecca Romijn launches the ‘Hand Bra’ for women

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