Earlier this week, Simon Pegg uploaded three pictures he took during his visit at Marvel Studios. Needless to say the pictures caused quite a stir with rumors spreading that he might star as “Ant-Man.” The first two pics feature Pegg standing next to a Hulk figure and fooling around with Thor’s hammer.


Simon Pegg: “..all I did was point at the central character in my dear friend’s next movie..” (Picture: Twitter/Simon Pegg)

The last image shows Pegg pointing his index finger at the “Ant-Man” picture on the wall, hinting that he might be involved with Marvel’s humble hero. However, the “Hot Fuzz” star denies reports that he will be the “Ant-Man” depicter.

Pegg writes on Twitter:

“FFS the Internet, all I did was point at the central character in my dear friend’s next movie, because I’m excited for him,”

Ryan Penagos, executive editorial director at Marvel, also chipped in:

“Nope! We just had him in the NYC office for a tour and a podcast.”


Having fun Simon? (Picture: Twitter/Simon Pegg)

Armie Hammer’s name made the rounds to suit up as Ant-Man.  The rumors suggested that the leading man in “The Lone Ranger” was personally approached by Edgar Wright when visiting “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” set.

Hammer said:

“I did go visit the set, though. Not with Edgar. Um… a buddy of mine was working on the movie so I just wanted to go say hi,”.

The hunt for the coveted role continues.


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