Grid 2 – Release date 28 May, 2013


Metacritic: PC – Metascore:  82/100  User score 5.5/10

The AI does a solid job of pushing you hard, and also makes its fair share of stuff-ups which, if you are unlucky, can leave your car ruined. It’s this kind of dynamic racing that is fun and keeps us coming back for more.- Critic review – Joel Lauterbach –

This game is not good. What car actually handles like this? If you are going to make an arcade style racer then do that. This in between non committal approach is simply boring. Really sad that I paid $44 for this. – User review – Tiplomacy


Metacritic: Playstation 3 – Metascore: 79/100   User score 6/10

With a variety of driving disciplines pulled from all corners of the globe, Grid 2 is an exciting blend of arcade and simulation racing. – Critic review – Shaun McInnis-

I have about 2 hours into the game so keep that in mind as you read this review. If you know the original Grid, you know that this game is not a sim however the original was sheer arcade brilliance compared to other racing titles, with a good number of cars both street and race and fun tracks that ranged from real world circuits to concept street courses based in real cities. – User review – ccaron93


Metacritic: Xbox 360 – Metascore: 82  User score 6.3/10

An incredibly strong sequel. It may lack the initial ‘wow factor’ of the first game, but the handling is right on the money, the visuals are gorgeous and the hook provided by the story’s WSR MacGuffin draws you right into the thick of the action, making for a more gratifying overall experience. – Critic review –Richard Walker –

Not a bad game, the graphics system for example is excellent. The central problem is the longevity, inconsistent and ridiculous for a game of 60 Euros. Also I would have preferred a simulation game, enough with the arcade. – User review – gcaraglia