We absolutely love the History channels series Vikings. It has been a huge success for them, a second season already confirmed. We’ve taken the time and compiled this collection of our best battle scenes in the series, thus far.

Here’s our Top 6 Battles in the Series Vikings, up to Episode 7:


1. Opening Wrath


The series opens with an end of a battle scene where Ragnar and his brother finishes off the last few enemies. They prove to be ruthless warriors, enjoy. This is a great opening for a series. We’re hooked:



2. Viking woman can fight!

Vikings 1

Ragnar’s wife shows she is not to be messed with at all. She makes quick work of these two intruders. A hook through the face…



3. Payback


Ragnar’s wife travels with on the next journey to England, there she must stop one of her fellow fighters wanting to rape a “Saxon” woman, she has to defend herself and just barely manages to survive



4. The Wall


This is one of my favorite battles. We see the Viking battle strategy with the “wall” giving them the definite advantage against the poor English. They do not last very long… slain ruthlessly.



5. The Challenge

vikings 3

The epic fight scene between Ragnar and Earl Haraldson. A challenge which is a fight to the death. A must watch!



6. 2000 Pounds


The final battle against the English, for the lump sum of 2000 pounds. Ragnar once again shows that he is not only a great fighter, and leader, but he has the skill and knowledge to outwit any opponent: