[SimCity Crawling Back from Launch – Free Game for Disappointed Fans]

SimCity still on Fire after launch debacle

error37The launch of the new SimCity game has arguably had one of the worst launches of a game ever, giving even Diablo 3 a go. On launch day, servers crashed and people that bought the game were unable to play.Three days after launch, and they still cant! The drama continues to unfold as some gamers still find themselves battling busy servers, long queues, and unexpected disconnections. I’m getting flashbacks of the Diablo 3 “Error 37“.

But, Will EA live through this? Will the game still be a great game not taking the technical issues into consideration? I for one sincerely hope so…

Lets take a trip down memory lane, and we remember where this game began, and why we all fell in love with it to begin with:

SimCity has been a computer game that has been ‘around’ since the days when I first started playing computer games. Remember the 2D version that came out in 1989? Yup, I must have played that game for weeks, months! This must have been one of the games that really got me into strategy gaming.┬áThe SimCity franchise has evolved over the years into a million dollar money making machine, sporting spin-offs like The Sims. The classic SimCity game brought out new versions as technology advanced.

Here’s a few screenshots of the later versions, take a trip down memory lane with these classics, and see how they evolved:


SimCity (1989):


Remember the struggle to get all those darn water-pipes connected!!


SimCity 2000 (1994):





SimCity 3000 (1999):





SimCity 4 (2003):


Adding Natural disasters. This game was truly awesome! I think I am going to install this baby again right now!


SimCity 2013:

Unfortunately this is the screen most users have seen for 3 days straight now, SimCity on Fire after launch debacle:


Thanks SimCity! Thanks for years and years of fun! We know you will get through these technical issues, and we will eventually be able to play.. and we’ll love it!