SimCity VS Diablo 3 for worst launch ever!

[SimCity Crawling Back from Launch - Free Game for Disappointed Fans] SimCity still on Fire after launch debacle The launch of the new SimCity game has arguably had one of the worst launches of a game ever, giving even Diablo 3 a go. On launch day, servers crashed and...

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The Matrix in 60 Seconds

The Matrix will definitely feature on our list of  top Sci-Fi movies of all time. We remember the hype before the movie, we remember asking "What.Is.The.Matrix?", we remember the countless of discussions after watching the movie. Few movies have blown our minds like...

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Marija Sestak – 9 million YouTube Hits?

9 million youtube hits? Why men would rather watch triple jump on a Saturdays! It is not surprising why Marija Sestak's triple jump video has gone viral in a short space of time, check out the YouTube clip. Her personal best  is 15.08 metres, achieved on 13 February...

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Google Glass – How guys will use it

The Google Glass prototype first surfaced in mid 2012, and the idea looked absolutely amazing. Imagine wearing a pair of glasses that directly interacts with the internet (Google), you can at any time command it to take a picture (it has a camera), Google something...

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Giant monster goldfish!

Giant monster goldfish weighing as much as 4 pounds have mysteriously found their way into the waters of Lake Tahoe.  Scientists say the influx threatens native species while posing a potential waste pollution problem. During a surveys conducted, researchers found a...

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Ferrari Millenio – The Future?

The Ferrari Millenio, is a futuristic super-car concept that features a combination of style, next generation tech and awesome looks. The Millenio's bodywork is reinforced with buckypaper that is stronger than steel and lighter than carbon fiber. In addition the...

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Star Wars VS Star Trek Infographic

The debate between Star Wars VS Star Trek will probably go on forever and ever. There are few movies which has such a large following comparatively to these 2 franchises. This infographic settles it... in a way. Personally I loved the Stra Trek movies and series more....

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