We touched on this list when we posted our list of movies we can expect Emma Watson to appear in next. So here it is…

Some actresses are OK with going naked in front of the camera and others are not. Although going nude should arguably be mandatory by age 25, many beautiful, young actresses actually have a no-nudity clauses in their contracts. While disappointing for the male audience and a geek fan base like us, it has helped to generate demand regarding the world’s desire to see some of the world’s most famous full frontals.

Here is our list of 11 Actresses We Want To See Naked Most  in the near future. So help us God, we will end up seeing at least half of them nude in our days.


1. Jessica Alba

Who would not want to jump into this picture, and what is wrong with you. “Other than Sin City, I don’t really wear skimpy outfits in my movies. People know that I’m a prude. Word has gotten around,” explained Ms. Alba in 2007 interview. Regardless if she is a prude or not, Alba is known for parading her no-nudity clause around Hollywood. Though this clause is frustrating, at least her fans have her swimming scantily clad in Into The Blue with Paul Walker. Seriously, this movie has one of the sexiest opening scenes ever committed to film.

Jessica Alba


2. Cameron Diaz

When Ms. Diaz was dating Justin Timberlake he was reported to say he did not want her to do nude scenes. She responded to this by saying, “I won’t say that I won’t do nudity for other people’s benefit. It has nothing to do with other people, it’s just what I’m comfortable with.” Regardless if Cameron is for or against on-screen nudity, we’ve seen plenty of her in all of her movies which all tends to be very revealing, yet never nude.

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3. Elisha Cuthbert

The closest we ever got to seeing this Canadian dream nude was when she played a porn star in The Girl Next Door (See our mention of this in our Top 10 Sexiest Swimming Pool scenes). Unfortunately the no-nudity clause reared its ugly head again. As a result, internet message boards became filled with angry males who felt taken advantage of. Their tirades exclaimed, “We paid to see Elisha Cuthbert play a porn star in an R-rated film and all we got was a side shot of her boob.”


girl next door elisha cuthbert


4. Emma Watson

Undoubtedly with the biggest fan-base when it comes to this matter. The geek world wil rejoice in unison when Emma decides to go nude one day. Strangely, because she is so decent and clear about her nudity never going to happen, it makes the desire even greater. When Ms. Watson’s magical co-star Daniel Radcliff did a live nude scene on stage in London, the entire nerdom of Hogwarts jumped for joy in hopes that Emma Watson would be next.

When asked about on-screen nudity in an interview with a London Daily, Ms. Watson reportedly said, “Yes. For Bernardo Bertolucci. It, depends. I’m not getting my kit off any time soon, but it is part of my job.” After reading quotes like this, it appears there’s going to be a whole lot more on-screen magic for this young British actress.

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emma watson


5. Scarlett Johansson

According to The Insider, Scarlett Johansson has insisted on a no-nudity clause in all of her movie contracts, and will not do a movie if that clause isn’t added to her contract. She says this clause is important so that she will be regarded as a serious actor. Luckily, we’ve been seeing more and more of her in the last few movies, most notably the indie-film “Under the Skin”. Check-out the details here,

Of course her recent cell phone pics have made this a little bit of a moot point, but we’ll certainly take more when it comes to Scarlett.

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P.S – She can be such a tease…

6. Jennifer Love-Hewitt

Though Jennifer Love-Hewitt is getting older, there are millions of men still dying to see her nude. According to an interview done in 2005 she said she might consider it. “You know, I don’t really want to see myself naked, so I’m not really going to push that on other people. I wouldn’t wish that for anyone,” she then went on to say, “I don’t like to say ‘absolutely not,’ because if a great part came along… that I thought was really tastefully done, then maybe?” She’s had a few nip-slips though, but we’ll leave the googling to you.

Jennifer Love HEwitt

Jennifer Love HEwitt 2


7. Jessica Biel

Though Jessica Biel has posed in some pretty revealing photo shoots for magazines, she is committed to not bearing it all in her films. She admitted, “I’m sure I’ve lost some roles because I don’t do it. The other day I read a script that required some nudity, something topless. It’s probably going to be a great movie but I just don’t want to do it.” Well here’s another reason for males to be jealous of Justin Timberlake, not only can he sing, dance, and make you laugh, he’s the only one who gets to see Ms. Biel in the buff.

Jessica-Biel 3 Jessica-Biel 2

8. Kirsten Dunst

Dunst was quoted in an interview about doing nude scenes claiming, “…I don’t feel comfortable with that. I have younger people watching my films and I want to be a good role model and I don’t think it’s necessary, either, and it’s tasteless, for me, for a girl my age to be doing that in a film. I don’t think it’s right.” My Spidey sense is telling me she’ll do a nude scene if her career takes a turn for the worse. If this is the case, lets hope she continues to make movies like Marie Antoinette.


9. Megan Fox

Thankfully, there is no mention anywhere about a no-nudity clause with Megan Fox. This means in the near or even distant future, she may reveal more than meets the eye.

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10. Mila Kunis

There is some controversy whether Mila Kunis really appeared nude in a film called Boot Camp, or not. If you’ve never heard of it, you are not alone; it was straight to DVD in France. In any case, this bombshell is known to use body doubles if her movie roles call for nudity. She has not publicly come out and said she is against appearing nude in movies, but her actions continue to speak louder.

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Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis

11. Kate Beckinsdale

Need we say more about this excruciatingly hot brunette? We’ve seen very little of Kate on the nudity department, yet enough to know that the world would rejoice the day she decided to let go of her no-nudity clause. We loved her the most on the emotional comedy ‘Click’ with Adam Sandler.

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Kate Beckinsale