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Scarlett Johannson is one of the sexiest woman alive, as most of us will know. She’s been dazzling us with her looks, acting skills and that incredibly sexy husky voice for more than a decade now. She has the ability to make a scene sexy without actually flaunting any skin or ‘assets’. Not that this is stopping her from flaunting anything, we’re definitely not complaining. Hence we decided to give a tribute typical GeekShizzle style by listing our  Top 6 Sexiest Scarlett Johannson Movie Scenes.

 1. He’s Just Not That Into You

This scene oozes fiery passion. Watch as an affair takes place in the office and Bradley Cooper has the time of his life.


2. The Island

This was one of the first movies for most of us that introduced us to the beauty of Scarlett Johannson. the scene itself may not be that sexy, but the context is what makes it a valid entry on this list. Both characters (Ewan McGreggor and Scarlett) have never felt these passions and emotions ever before when they start kissing. The entire experience is brand new to them…



 3. Don Jon

The entire movie is about Jon’s (Joseph Gordon Levitt) infatuation with Scarlett, hence the entire film is filled with super hot scenes with both of them. Scarlett was never going to find acting the part of Jon’s ‘perfect 10’ girlfriend very hard. And so it proved. The below video compiles all of them nicely:



 4. Match Point


Few people saw the 2005 movie Match Point. In it Scarlett even makes table tennnis sexy. Check-out this hot scene where lighting a cigarette while having the teasing/flirting conversation on/around the table tennis table is excruciatingly sexy. The entire movie is filled with Scarlett kissing, flirting annd making love. The second video again makes a beautiful compilation of all the scenes. Be sure to watch the last scene at the end of the video.


5. Avengers / Iron Man / Captain America

There’s something about a woman in tight leather that kicks ass. If that woman is Scarlett Johannson even better! Her role as Black Widow in the Marvel movies all contain the sexy blonde (or red head as Black Widow) kicking some serious ass and being sexy while doing it. The below video combines all these scenes magnificently.


6. Scarlett Johannson in GIF

Because everything is sexier and better in Gif’s. We could have listed all of her movies here  and they all would have been a valid entry on the list. We decided to end this off with a good look at the beautiful Scarlett in gif.

Scarlett-Johansson-GIF-019 Scarlett-Johansson-GIF-035 

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