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Did someone mention “Indie” and “Horror” in the same sentence…count us in?! News courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter, there is a new horror movie heading our way which adapts the found-footage theme, horror geeks have grown accustomed to in the popular horror franchise, “Paranormal Activity”. The first trailer of the indie horror flick “Come Back to Me” takes a peek at the dark premise of the story which follows a couple in a suburban neighbourhood as they are troubled by a supernatural power. It really sounds like another typical horror movie with all the clichés in checked boxes so far, but it does get a bit more interesting. The story is adapted from the novel “The Resurrectionist”.

Image courtesy of Hollywood Reporter

Image courtesy of Hollywood Reporter

Katie Walder takes on the role as Sarah, a troubled young woman “who suffers memory lapses and blackouts after a car accident. She then learns she is pregnant but her husband (Matt Passmore) is infertile, which leads her to set up a security camera in their bedroom. The trailer seemingly reveals what their creepy neighbor (Nathan Keyes) is doing to her in the night: “killing and bringing you back, it’s how he connects.”

“Come Back to Me” is set be released in limited theaters and on all digital platforms July 25.

Check out the trailer