'12 Days of Gifts' from Apple with Free Justin Timberlake Songs

’12 Days of Gifts’ from Apple with Free Justin Timberlake Songs


Apple kicked off their annual ’12 Days of Gifts’ promotion starting with a free download of 4 songs that Justin Timberlakes’ timberlake perfoemed at this years iTunes Festival.It really is worth any Apple fans time to download the ’12 days of gifts’ app from the iTunes store, and score on some of the goodies Apple will release for free. Earlier this week they released Lorde’s ‘No Better’ single as a preview for the 12 Days of Gifts app, labeling it as a ‘gift to get you started’.

Although some of the content, like Timberlake’s 4 songs were free for a short period on the day of it’s original release, they are not free under normal circumstances so I guess it can still be seen as a pretty cool ‘gift’ from Apple. The ’12 Days’ digital content giveaway has become somewhat of a tradition for many iTunes users, though the app was previously limited to Canada and a few major European countries. For 2013, Apple has extended the promo to U.S. customers for the first time, granting them access to freebies that in the past have included movies, music, e-books, apps and more.

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