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Brad Pitt Compares “World War Z” with “The Walking Dead”

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The Walking Dead has revived the Zombie Horror genre when the hit TV series made its debut on October 31, 2010, on the cable television channel AMC in the United States. It will be quite a challenge for World War Z to live up to the standards of the multi-award winning series, this is what Brad Pitt had to say:

“We’re dealing with a genre that’s been pretty well mined and done really well. We’re not the gore of The Walking Dead. Ours operates more of as a thriller. Ours is really intense.”


Posters: Walking Dead and World War Z


Pitt added about playing the role of Gerry Lane:

“One of the worst names in film ever. It was appropriate. I don’t know why it’s appropriate. Gerry with a ‘G’. He’s the anti-action hero. It’s an anti-action hero name.”


Watch the trailers:

‘World War Z’ – New Clip Features Brad Pitt’s Daring Escape

Prepare for “World War Z”


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